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CortoAmbiente section is entirely devoted to little students and their environmental education. By means of cinema, we wanted to lead them to protect the environment and to behave in a responsible manner.

Year by year, The Festival Passaggi d’Autore: Intrecci Mediterranei (The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements) is turning out to be an unmissable event. The aim is to promote  interchange among foreign Mediterranean cultures. Through short films and respectful talks among directors, artists and a very active audience, we explored cultural diversity also dealing with global topics as ecology.

CortoAmbiente section inspired students to meditate on environmental protection and the participating experts help them in this understanding. Before the festival, students and teachers examined the ecological subject of the short films. So, by watching short films and debating at school and during the festival they reached a stronger critical thinking about eco-sustainability in a local and global context.Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission worked in partnership with the festival for CortoAmbiente section.

CortoAmbiente short films are:

Nuova era (A New Era), Manuele Trullu, Italy, 2015, 24'

Ogni cosa al suo posto (Everything In Its Right Place), Paolo Zucca, Italy, 2015, 3’

Domus (Houses), Salvo Nicotra, Italy, 2015, 19’

Ta spantu – Che sorpresa! (What a surpise!), Pierluca Di Pasquale, Italy, 2015, 17’