• La notte di Cesare, Sergio Scavio

  • Ergo Sum, Emanuele Massa

  • Zamejen (Bordered), Leo Cernic

  • Inanimate, Lucia Bulgheroni

  • AYA, Moufida Fedhila

  • Un jour de mariage, Elias Belkeddar

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The thirteenth edition of the Mediterranean short films festival “The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements”, will be held in Sant’Antioco (Italy)


THE AUTHOR'S PASSAGE: Mediterranean Interlacements 2018 a

THE AUTHOR'S PASSAGE: Mediterranean Interlacements 2018

THE AUTHOR'S PASSAGE: Mediterranean Interlacements
14th Mediterranean Short Film Festival

The fourteenth edition of the Mediterranean short films festival “The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements”, will be held in Sant’Antioco (Italy) from 4th to 9th December 2018. During the six evenings there will be the screening of short films by directors coming from Mediterranean Countries.

According to the regulations of the event, the theme is free and can take part to the festival the works produced by authors that belong to the Mediterranean Countries. The shorts must have a duration of maximum 30 minutes.

In order to be seen and selected, the deadline to send the short films is 15th September. Those who are interested in sending a work to take part in the festival, can contact us by e-mail: info@passaggidautore.it. The results of the selection will be communicated to the participants by e-mail.

The full list of all the short films selected will be published on our website in November contemporaneously with the press conference that will present the festival.



The Artistic Direction

Circolo del Cinema "Immagini"



Interview with Luciano Cauli from past editions and future projects a

As me, many are asking how Passaggi d’Autore: Intrecci Mediterranei (The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements) is born and how its future is going to be. So, I interviewed the president of the association which created the festival Luciano Cauli, in order to reply.

The Circolo del Cinema Immagini (Cinema Club Pictures) is a non-profit association set up in 2004. How is it born?

We were friends, ex schoolmates, and we really loved cinema. So, we made the decision to found a cinema club with FICC confederation.

The fact that the Mediterranean is the focal point of the festival is interesting, I find it peculiar. What do you tell me about it?

The short film festival Passaggi d’Autore (The Author’s Passages) is born to support cinema in Sardinia. During the 2nd edition, the Tunisian director Mohamed Challouf took part in our event while he was working with the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, in Milan. That year, we started to show Maghrebi short films, too. Since the 3rd edition, we decided to present exclusively short films from the Mediterranean countries. Through ages, the strategic location of Sardinia and Sant’Antioco has been primary for trading, travelling and cultural melting pot.

The Mediterranean is a unique place in the world: lot of countries and cultures, lot of significant historical facts. We chose it for its diversity, in order to get in contact with it and protect it.

Why did you prefer the short film genre?

We think the short film is a valuable and helpful channel to express ideas in a short time, both for young talents and for popular directors. What is more, it’s not that easy to do it. You have to be particularly creative and get a concise and brief style.

Then, short films as artistic symbols of harmony and interaction among the Mediterranean countries. Why supporting film festivals is important?

We believe we must communicate, get in touch with each other, respect each other. This is the only way to grow up culturally, to accept those we call different, but we are wrong. Through cinema, we can do it and we can easily reach everyone, especially young people.

With its various activities, the festival stimulated people of all ages. You developed projects for young people And little students and tried to involve them. Did you find it hard?

Since years, we are organizing cinema workshops for young people which always participated with enthusiasm and gratification.

What kind of obstacles did you face in planning such a cultural event?

First of all, there’s no cinema in Sant’Antioco. Fortunately, the council hall is available for us. Anyway, we had some difficulties. Then, the funding issue: it’s complicated to plan everything when we don’t know if or when we are getting the public funding for film festivals. It’s a trouble because it’s almost impossible raising private funds or obtaining money in other ways.


CortoAmbiente a

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CortoAmbiente section is entirely devoted to little students and their environmental education. By means of cinema, we wanted to lead them to protect the environment and to behave in a responsible manner.

Year by year, The Festival Passaggi d’Autore: Intrecci Mediterranei (The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements) is turning out to be an unmissable event. The aim is to promote  interchange among foreign Mediterranean cultures. Through short films and respectful talks among directors, artists and a very active audience, we explored cultural diversity also dealing with global topics as ecology.

CortoAmbiente section inspired students to meditate on environmental protection and the participating experts help them in this understanding. Before the festival, students and teachers examined the ecological subject of the short films. So, by watching short films and debating at school and during the festival they reached a stronger critical thinking about eco-sustainability in a local and global context.Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission worked in partnership with the festival for CortoAmbiente section.

CortoAmbiente short films are:

Nuova era (A New Era), Manuele Trullu, Italy, 2015, 24'

Ogni cosa al suo posto (Everything In Its Right Place), Paolo Zucca, Italy, 2015, 3’

Domus (Houses), Salvo Nicotra, Italy, 2015, 19’

Ta spantu – Che sorpresa! (What a surpise!), Pierluca Di Pasquale, Italy, 2015, 17’