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Greetings from Sarajevo Film Festival with Barbara Zemljic

Greetings from Sarajevo Film Festival with Barbara Zemljic

On the evening of Wednesday 6 December, a selection of this year’s most important short films was screened at the festival directly from Sarajevo Film Festival, one of the best-known film festivals in south-eastern Europe. Among these, the film directed by Barbara Zemljic, Kako sem se naučila obešati perilo (How I Learned to Hang Laundry), guest with us in the screening room. A film that talks about a meeting between the two protagonists, the relationship between them and how a strong friendship was born or perhaps something more.

«This is the first film that I didn’t write, but only directed. The screenplay was excellent and the title was already ready, it is a work by one of my students, I teach at the film academy in my city. For her this was a very personal story as it was inspired by true events and when we complimented her and asked if we could direct it she wasn’t very convinced. She changed her mind after 6 months and was amazed by the work, claiming that it was better than she expected!»

She then talks about the relationship with the leading actress with whom she worked together on the theatre, as they were already friends and had known each other for a long time, the work on the set came naturally and was based on mutual trust.

Barbara Zemljic

«She is a talent, a fantastic person, we are friends, the role was written for a much younger girl but I already knew her and therefore I thought she could be perfect and could also tell us about a more difficult experience. To this day I still can’t believe what we achieved, it was a job based on trust and I didn’t have to do much else to make it work. The script was well written and left me a lot of space, I think it’s very important, the team was well put together, we worked properly and we trusted each other. Even when I was choosing the other actors I based the choice on trust and how I could best work with them. I would call it a blessed situation, we got along so well. When the actress saw the short film she said “Oh God am I that crazy?” and I simply replied that when you trust the person who is directing you, you move towards limits that you hadn’t considered. In a certain sense this is a political film, dedicated to this young generation and its difficulties, to the uncertainty of the future. Precisely for this reason, with the camera I tried to somehow support the character in his search for stability. I think the viewer can feel the honesty of this work!».

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