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Monday december 4 – Appointment with Intrinas

Monday december 4 – Appointment with Intrinas

The evening of Monday 4 December is dedicated as scheduled to Sardinian cinema, with the Intrinas section, presented by Marta Bulgherini who states that from year to year, following the festival, she notices how the quality of the works is growing more and more, especially within the territory of Sardinia.

Michela Anedda

The first guest of the evening is Michela Anedda, director of the fantastic short film shot in stop-motion Blu which tells of a very bizarre soul collector!

«Blu talks about my generation, the one that tries so hard and is forced to live on an island far from the centers that offer more possibilities. “Blue” in English means to be sad and beyond this it also comes from the blue zones here in Sardinia. Here the figure of the angel of death does not exist, but there is the collector of souls who wants to become the angel of death when she sees the advertisement on television. Production lasted 4 years, from writing to final delivery. I did the animation, apart from the 2D one that was curated by the Sardinian film library. The process was very long, we built a 22 square meter village in the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Martina Bellini made all the props, from the accessories to create the places to the miniature VHS tapes. The construction part lasted a total of 7 months and the post-production part lasted a whole year. The puppets were made by a studio in Bologna and are made of silicone. Now I’m moving into the field of children’s animation, I have so far created a series in the Sardinian language and I would like to continue in this field!»

Alberto Diana

The evening continues with the screening of Frarìa, a film by Alberto Diana. The story is set in Sardinia in a historical period at the beginning of the 1920s, inspired by the events told by the director’s grandfather.

«The stories of him and his brother have always fascinated and impressed me. It is a universal story in which a character tries to deal with his own community, I also saw my weaknesses and the fact that while growing up we must also learn to say no and accept the consequences. We worked mostly using natural light, that of the fire, of the natural lighting of the place, also to create a warm but at the same time sinister environment. This story represents a moment of change from a historical point of view, from one era to another, but also change for the main character. The cast is mixed, some are professionals and some are not, the two protagonists for example are not, for them it was their first time in cinema and we had a very exciting journey together. They gave so much and we built a path of re-appropriation of the language, even the writing was done in the Sardinian language, they interacted with Sardinian in a way they had never experienced.»

Frame dal film Come siamo diventati di Christiano Pahler

Presented at Filming Italy Sardinia where the theme was “How do you imagine your city in the future?”, the film Come siamo diventati by Christiano Pahler tells us about a Cagliari of tomorrow, in which we see a lively condominium meeting held via voice messages on the Whatsapp messaging application.

«What could happen from using all this technology? We just become more dickheads! I wanted to be present in the short and play the part of the excluded one, for some obscure reason I know how to fix video recorders but I still struggle with my cell phone! In my short there are no professional actors, many of them come from popular theatre. It may seem absurd to you but the filming lasted a week! Later I plan to make a science fiction film without special effects, I met the producer and he wanted to better understand what I meant, I replied “Simple, with pause and rec!”»

L’attore Emilio Puggioni

We conclude the evening with the film Lo sguardo esterno by Peter Marcias, for which the leading actor Emilio Puggioni was a guest with us in the room, in the role of the French painter Gaston Vuillier, on holiday from Corsica to Sardinia in the 1900s and pleasantly surprised by the customs of the time and fell in love with the island.

We are waiting for you this evening to continue with the screenings in the council chamber of Piazzetta E.Piria in Sant’Antioco!

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