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Saturday december 2 – A first day of emotions and sharing, discovering Mediterranean cinema.

Saturday december 2 – A first day of emotions and sharing, discovering Mediterranean cinema.

The first day of the nineteenth edition of Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements started the festival again this year, kicking off the broad and rich program of screenings from all over the Mediterranean.

«It is important to remember that cinema is also a political act, it tells us stories of men, women and people who try to emancipate themselves and invent a new reality beyond linguistic, military and geographical borders.»

Marta Bulgherini opens the festival with this important statement, presenting this year’s focus on Turkish cinema and the collaborations with the two festivals of Sarajevo and Clermont Ferrand.

Then Luciano Cauli, one of the founders of the festival who this year reaches his “coming of age”, intervenes on stage.

«We are still young but we have to become adults, we continue our research which leads us to discover talents, this year we will in fact have two first works. I thank the Sardinia Region, the Department of Culture and the Municipality of Sant’Antioco.»

The artistic director Ado Hasanović with Marta Bulgherini

Noteworthy was the intervention of the mayor Ignazio Locci who this year participates in the festival as such for the sixth time.

«I am also growing with the festival, we are convinced that cinema is one of the artistic expressions that more than any other gives us the opportunity to confront ourselves in silence, while we are overwhelmed by the confusion of today’s world. Thanks to those who do and create it, we want to work on the growth of our community and also cinema and these occasions represent a moment of attraction for our territory. This was an important square for art and is a place where we can still practice our arts today: with cinema.»

The mayor’s thanks go to Luciano Cauli and Dolores Calabrò who carry on this work and contribute to the development of this segment in the area: “I am sure that many flowers will grow luxuriantly.” The artistic director Ado Hasanović finishes the opening before the screenings.

«Welcome to our festival and your festival, I grew up there and I am happy to work with all the staff who accompany me every year. The Mediterranean means a thousand things together, there are many civilizations, many cultures, many traditions, different languages ​​and different ways of living, we will travel together to different Mediterranean countries through cinema.»

Noel Keserwany

Director Noel Keserwany was present yesterday and spoke after the screening of her film Les Chenilles, a very complex film, co-directed with her sister Michelle Keserwany, who wrote it. In addition to participating in the direction, we also see Noel acting in the film in the role of one of the two protagonists, she has worked with her sister in this field for twelve years but this was their first short film together.

«My sister and I understand each other very well even though we are very different, I think we are complementary, over time we are structuring how to work together better and better. For me it was the first time as an actress and I would never have done it if not with Michelle, I trust her. We already had in mind what to do before going to the set, we wanted to represent the colonization present in different countries by connecting the Lebanese history of the 19th century to today’s political situation, connecting past and present and also referring to our personal experience.» With this film, Noel and Michelle won the Berlinale award, one of the most important awards in the world.

Erenik Beqiri and Marta Bulgherini.

After the screening of A short trip, director Erenik Beqiri, winner of the Orizzonti section award at the Venice Film Festival with this film, appears in the room. Beqiri states that for him making cinema is simply an intuition, he works with emotions without thinking too much.

«At the beginning I wanted to make a film about a love story, but then I changed the storyline once I got to the immigration part, I mixed the two things and here is the result. It all came about very naturally. When I write a film and create the characters I then find myself discovering them together, it’s all an intuition. I’ve never done auditions with actors, I used intuition in that too! I give a lot of space to the actors even on set.»

He would like his next project to be a feature film and we wish him good luck!

Also speaking in the room with Marta Bulgherini was Manuel Muñoz Rivas, director of the short film Aqueronte, connected remotely directly from Barcelona. With his cinematic and modern transposition of the ferryman of souls, he claims that he did not want to talk about death, but about life that goes in a direction that makes no sense for everyone.

«The journey on the real ferry lasted only four minutes, I tried to put everything together to make the journey last longer, the filming was done over several years due to the pandemic, but I gave the illusion of a single and long voyage. I wanted to involve my family in the cast so that they could follow me from day to day without problems.”

The film was shot on the Guadalquivir river in Sevilla, Rivas is now working on the ending of his next film in which we will see his parents again, but this time as protagonists in a work halfway between documentary and fiction.

Frame from the short film Tondex 2000 by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti

The evening ends with Roger Gonin‘s presentation of the screenings selected by the Clermont-Ferrand festival, of which he is the founder. 5 films from 4 different countries were screened in the room, including Tondex 2000 by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti, guest in the room.

«You don’t direct the actors, you choose them, if you choose good actors for the characters you have in mind you don’t need to direct them. Sylvan is a dear friend of mine, I know him well and we knew for sure he would be perfect from the beginning. The most important thing for me is the rhythm and the emotions, if that works it can only be an excellent job. With Sylvan I wanted to represent a part of us that we all have and no one has the courage to show.»

A truly exciting and emotional start to this nineteenth edition, it continues this evening, click here to access the complete program!

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