Selection Short Films Edition 2020

Selection Short Films Edition 2020

THE AUTHOR’S PASSAGE: Mediterranean Interlacements
16th Mediterranean Short Film Festival

The sixteenth edition of the Mediterranean short films festival “The Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements”, will be held in Sant’Antioco (Italy) from 3th to 8th December 2020. During the six evenings there will be the screening of short films by directors coming from Mediterranean Countries.

According to the festival regulations, there are no prizes, the theme is free and can take part to the festival the works produced by authors that belong to the Mediterranean Countries. The shorts must have a duration of maximum 30 minutes.

In order to be seen and selected, the deadline to send the short films is 27th September. Those who are interested in sending a work to take part in the festival, can contact us by e-mail: info@passaggidautore.it. The results of the selection will be communicated to the participants by e-mail.

The full list of all the short films selected will be published on our website in November contemporaneously with the press conference that will present the festival.


The Artistic Direction

Circolo del Cinema “Immagini”


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