THE AUTEUR'S PASSAGE: Mediterranean Interlacements Passaggi d'Autore: Intrecci Mediterranei is a film festival that takes place in Sant'Antioco, Sardinia, from 3 to 8 December. It is its very location that outlines its character and objectives: Passaggi d'Autore is a festival that aims to enhance the dialogue between the countries of the Mediterranean. It does so by dedicating six days to the promotion of short film, an expressive form capable of giving a point of view on society, on the feelings and phenomena of our time. The gaze is also turned beyond the sea: “Mediterranean interlacements” is an opportunity to rediscover cultural differences and celebrate them, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the traditions of others, emigration, and integration. This is the message we wanted to underline with our new poster, in which the directors are transported by their films between the shores of the Mediterranean. This year will be the eighteenth edition of the festival. That of maturity: we have grown and become more aware, of course, yet we do not stop thinking, organizing, and living the festival with a healthy childlike enthusiasm. We hope to convey the same emotions to you.


The program of this edition of Passaggi d'Autore: Intrecci Mediterranei is very rich. We have worked hard to create a complete and exciting selection list, and we look forward to seeing these shorts with you. The shorts are part of the festival sections, which in this edition are: Intrecci mediterranei, Focus, Intrinas, Web serie, Videoclip and CortoAmbiente, in addition to the events dedicated to the collaboration with two other major European Festivals, the Festival du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand and the Sarajevo Film Festival. However, during the days of the festival there will also be space for workshops, meetings with directors and music: six days of celebration, on the wings of culture and sharing. Here you can find a full list of the titles that are part of Passaggi d'Autore: Intrecci Mediterranei, 18 th edition.

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