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The nineteenth edition of Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements begins!

Here we are! The nineteenth edition of Author’s Passages: Mediterranean Interlacements begins tomorrow, Saturday 2 December. The festival will take place in Sant’Antioco in the council hall of Piazzetta Efisio Piria and will accompany us until Thursday 7 December. This year’s program is full of screenings, initiatives, workshops and activities. We will start tomorrow evening with the opening of the festival, getting straight to the point with the first screenings of the competitive section Intrecci Mediterranei, followed by a metting with the directors Erenik Beqiri and Noel Keserwany. Later, there will be an important selection directly from the Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand, after which we will be able to dialogue with Jean-Baptiste Leonetti and Roger Gonin, co-founder of the french festival.

We continue on Sunday for the traditional appointment Walking with the authors: from 3 to 6 December, every morning at 11:00, Marta Bulgherini will go to a characteristic location or place in Sant’Antioco to meet selected directors from different countries and establish a dialogue with them within the framework of our territory. We then move directly to the afternoon for the tribute to the famous italian actress Anna Magnani with the screening of Una Voce umana, an episode from the film L’Amore by Roberto Rossellini, to continue with the competitive section of Intrecci Mediterranei and the meeting with Aldo Iuliano, Mathieu Volpe and Fatima Kaci. The evening ends with the presentation of Alain Parroni‘s feature debut, Una sterminata domenica, directly from the Venice International Film Festival, winner of the Special Jury Prize in the Orizzonti section, followed by the speech of the director and art director Flaminia Gentili.

Monday starts with the screening of short films from the Intrinas section, reserved to high school students, and the training of the Young Jury. After the morning appointment of Walking with the Authors, the afternoon continues with screenings dedicated to cinema and environment with interventions by the directors of Memorie Antiochensi, Ado Hasanovic and Vittoria Soddu. After that, we’ll have an appointment with Bruno Di Marino who will present a focus on Zavvo Nicolosi, a director from Catania, Italy, and author of Primavera della mia vita, his first feature film. The evening ends with new screenings for the Intrinas section, with interventions by Michela Anedda, Alberto Diana, Christiano Pahler, and Antonio Maciocco.

Tuesday 5 December will begin with a screening reserved to high school students of Sant’Antioco, in collaboration with the Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano festival. After the morning appointment of Walking with the authors we move directly into the evening with the screenings dedicated to Turkey, the country protagonist of this year’s focus, with Ramazan Kılıç and the producer Rifat Erkek speaking on this topic. The evening continues with the Intrecci Mediterranei section and a speech by Angela Norelli.


The morning of Wednesday 6 December will be dedicated, like the previous day, to the appointment with secondary schools and Walking with the Authors. A new tribute to the actress Anna Magnani will take place in the evening, with an episode directed by Luchino Visconti, from the collective film Siamo donne, followed by the latest screenings for the competitive section Intrecci Mediterranei, with the intervention of directors Abdallah Al-Khatib and Guillermo Garcia Lopez. To end on a high note, there will be a selection of some of the best short films screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2023, at the end of which director Barbara Zemljic will speak.


The last day, Thursday 7 December, will start with the presentation of the works created during the workshop La poetica degli oggetti, held by the animation director Michela Anedda and Cristina Piccinini of Schermi e Lavagne from Bologna film library, with the students of the school primary school. The afternoon will be entirely dedicated to the awards ceremony, with the Youth Jury Award for the best short film in the Intrecci Mediterranei section and the Youth Jury Award, by high school students, for the best short film in the Intrinas section. The evening continues with the screening of the second feature debut selected for the festival, Gli oceani sono i veri continenti, by Tommaso Santambrogio, ending with the closing concert Intrecci musicali by Mediterranean Ensemble, with Mübin Dünen, Stefania Secci, Fabrizio Lai, Fabio Uselli, Antonio Pinna and the special guest Emanuele Contis.

Click here to browse the full program, see you tomorrow evening in Sant’Antioco!


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