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Thursday December 7 – The awards of the young juries to Antonio Maciocco, Manuel Muñoz Rivas and the special mention for Ahmad Alyaseer

Thursday December 7 – The awards of the young juries to Antonio Maciocco, Manuel Muñoz Rivas and the special mention for Ahmad Alyaseer

Finally here we are! Marta Bulgherini presented the awards of this nineteenth edition during the evening of December 7th, the winners will win the magnificent sculptures by Antonio Cauli, a heavy, dense and concrete memory of the festival and the territory that hosts it. These are two sculptures made of andesite, a volcanic stone characteristic of our island, on two different bases: one in wild olive and the other in juniper.

Initially it is the turn of the youth jury (high schools) led by Enrico Azzano, who awards the best short film in the Intrinas section, including the shorts shot and set on the island of Sardinia, which awards Antonio Maciocco with his film Binario Morto.

«We awarded the short film because it deals with such a delicate topic as suicide in a lighter but emotionally engaging way, underlining that the return to a more human everyday life can favor an individual turning point. We also appreciated how the director was able to enhance the landscapes and Sardinian tradition.»

Antonio Maciocco insieme alla giuria giovani ed Enrico Azzano durante la premiazione

Antonio Maciocco was present in the room and collected his award in person «You are a festival with a consolidated history, great quality in programming, including Sardinian films, I am even more satisfied for having received this award, Sardinian cinema is in excellent health and you proved it!.»

Then comes the founding awards ceremony of this festival dedicated to the Intrecci Mediterranei section, with the young jury led by Francesco Crispino. «Thanks to everyone, we are at the last act, I make the words of Enrico who preceded me a bit my own, I, like him, learn a lot every year from the daily discussion I have with the participants and the kids, it is essential to always deal with new and fresh looks that are not fully formed, we often find elements that make us look from another point of view, it is I who thank them for having given me very intense days and which have produced a verdict, the most important thing is not the point of arrival but the way in which you get there.»

Antonio, a member of the jury, then intervenes «It’s my first time on the jury and it was very hard, I think we put what Francesco taught us to good use, it wasn’t easy with 24 works coming from major festivals around the world , this festival has nothing to envy many larger ones, we gave our all for cinema, we tried!»

The jury first awarded the director Ahmad Alyaseer with the special mention with the film Wa thakarina wa unthana.

«For giving life to an essential staging in addressing social and religious themes and for the ability to explore the gray areas of human and family identity with courage and empathy.»

The award for best film goes to Manuel Muñoz Rivas with his film Aqueronte.

«For the ability to create an original, dreamlike and highly symbolic visual and sound setting, in which, through the mythological figure of the ferryman from the underworld, life and death merge in a boat journey that becomes a metaphor for the human condition as a place of passage. Through the use of all the expressive means of cinematographic fiction, the film expands space and time, recreating a place in which reflected gazes, soft lights and distant noises, voice-overs and broken speeches accumulate children, adults and the elderly on a journey through nothingness .»

La giuria giovani guidata da Francesco Crispino

Unfortunately Manuel Muñoz Rivas was unable to be in the room with us, but he greeted us with a video message live from Madrid «I just heard a little while ago about the award received at your festival, I want to thank everyone, it would be nice to share this moment with you, I appreciated a lot and I’m really happy, I was already happy at the idea that you saw it and it was a great satisfaction, with an award everything becomes even more beautiful, in some way it helps because it gives me courage and confidence to continue working in this sense and to express myself with the poetry that I am trying to explore, thanks again to the festival for selecting the film and thanks to the jury for appreciating it!”

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